Thursday, March 26, 2009

Independence Day- Take 2

We celebrated our second Independence day this year with Greece's yesterday. We had just arrived the night before India's and although it was nice for the Wife to have a day to settle in it wasn't much of a day. We unpacked, relaxed by the pool and talked about how strange it was that India doesn't allow alcohol sales on national holidays. Can you imagine a 4th of July without alcohol sales?

Needless to say things are a bit different in Greece. The GM of our hotel greeted us with shots of traditional alcohol at breakfast. I believe they were also serving Ouzo to anybody who would take it as we watched the parade from the restaurant windows. For a parade I guess it was okay...a lot of military stuff. It was cool how they flew jets over the city though. After we watched for a little while we headed to the coast to enjoy the ocean and have some coffee.

Christian was kind enough to drive us and we easily found the recommended restaurant and plopped ourselves down at a table by the water. It was extremely windy and a bit chilly but we were determined to enjoy the elusive Greek spring sunshine. After the wind sprayed the majority of the foam from my latte all over Jules and myself we gave in and went inside to finish our coffee.

We then headed down to the beach where we had seen tons of surfers but found it to be small, a bit dirty and too windy to enjoy. We hopped back in the car to drive along the coast and decided to go ahead and drive down to Poseidon's Temple.

The drive was really breathtaking. Greece has such raw beauty is it difficult to take it all in...rocky coastline, water the most gorgeous shade of blue and on the other side mountains dotted with white house and olive trees. So nice.

We stopped for a few photos and some fresh air...3 out of the 4 of us suffer from motion sickness so although beautiful the curves were taking their toll.

We reached Poseidon's Temple to find it closed but in truth the best pictures of it are taken from a far.

Breakfast was wearing off so we headed back for dinner. We stopped off at a one of the many fish shacks and enjoyed some of the local catch. Pretty good grilled fish, wonderful Greek salad (didn't think I'd let a meal pass without one did you?) and Jules had some de-lish prawns.

After refueling ourselves we went in search of a gas station. The low fuel light had been on for quite a few kilometers and the one gas station we had found was closed for the holiday. The sky was turning dark and the rain had already started so we were not looking forward to being stranded. Luckily, we ended up finding an open station so no pushing was required.

Although, I'm sure there are much worse fates than finding yourself stranded on the coast of Greece.

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