Tuesday, March 17, 2009

lost and found

I'm still a bit sick so I gave myself another day off from working out. I did feel well enough to get out a bit and had planned to go to the Museum of Greek Popular Instruments. Listen, I've never denied my dorkiness but it is supposed to be pretty cool and close to our hotel.

I checked out the map in our guide book, scrawled down some directions and set off. If you've never been to Greece you may not be aware of their lack of street signs or sometimes lack of English translations on the signs that do exist. Needless to say I missed a turn somewhere and found myself pretty lost.

The Plaka is full of shops and cafes so I was pretty okay with being lost. I'm fairly used to it considering my horrible sense of direction and after India was just happy to be walking around. I ended up going towards a main street to find myself directly in front of The Temple of Zeus. It was here I realized that although I had remembered my camera I had not remembered to put the battery in.

A little annoyed at missed photos opportunities I set off to go back to the hotel to retrieve it. I idiotically listened to my inner navigation system and took a left. I was more than sure that it would lead me directly back to Syntagma Square.

Of course, it did not. I walked for another 30 minutes or so and just as I began to feel concerned about how I would find my way back I looked up and saw...

(thank you camera phone)

At that point I wondered how lost I really was...I took a seat on some steps, listened to old man play the sax and enjoyed the view.

It took me over an hour to make it back to the hotel and I never did find that museum...all in all I think a pretty successful day.

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