Friday, October 15, 2010

flashback friday! (of the still picture variety)

Blogger is having some issues with uploading my videos and after numerous attempts I thought it better to stop trying before my computer took a little trip out the window to meet the Dublin sidewalk.

The past couple of days have been full of flashbacks for me. I finally started working on a photo book. Seemed like a good idea since I'm almost 2 years and about 38 countries behind in getting any pictures printed.

It's been crazy going back through our first few weeks on the road in India. It seems so long ago that we started out on this journey. I truly feel like such a different person. I hardly recognize these two novice travelers so full of trepidation and anticipation for all the unknown that lie ahead of them...

us literally checking in at Atlanta Jackson-Hartsfield airport before our very first flight

If you're new to the blog or just want to kill some time before the weekend- January 2009 is where it all really began.

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