Thursday, October 21, 2010

That time again...

We're leaving Ireland tomorrow and there are more emotions than usual with this departure. As with any location after 2 months- I’m a little bored, I’m totally over the breakfast*, and I’m ready for the new and unknown. But I’m also incredibly sad to leave, like I’m a little tearful about it even.

I think most of it’s saying goodbye to our Betty’s Town girl…

Although we completely plan on bombarding her with visits every chance we get, life has a way of getting away from you and sometimes the best laid plans are only that- plans. It’s hard for us to know that someone we’ve come to hold so dear isn’t as accessible anymore. We wish her all the luck in the world in her new life back home, but we’re going to seriously miss her. Seriously.

The other hard thing about leaving is that this country is kind of full of the same kind of people. Warm, welcoming, funny and generous, the Irish people have been what has really made me fall in love with this country. Of course, the Guinness and potatoes didn’t hurt either.

We’ve never lived anywhere before that felt so much like home. We’ve actually never lived anywhere that we said “We could REALLY live here!” and actually mean it.

Lush green beauty, deliciously rich culture, immense pride, wit and charm…Ireland, I miss you already and we haven’t even left yet.

*How is it that I can eat the same dang thing every single morning for years at home, but now with a myriad of breakfast choices I get so sick of every single thing on the buffet that I usually stop eating breakfast altogether by week 5?


Kristy Bible said...

I know you are sad to leave Ireland, but I am excited for you to go to Tokyo (although I wish that I was still there to hang out with you guys).

Love you guys!


MAV said...

I know!!! I so wish you were still here. I am dying to meet that precious little girl and it would have been so great to have you both to hang out with :(

Love to all 3 of you!! I hope we get to see you soon!