Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a typical dinner conversation...

The Wife: “I think I’ll take some ka-ra-tay lessons in Japan.”

Me: “When are you going to have time for karate lessons…wait, is karate Japanese or Chinese?”

The Wife: “I don’t know, but I bet I can find ka-ra-tay lessons in Tokyo.”

Me: “Who had ninjas? I think ninjas did karate. Maybe ninjas are from Japan?”

The Wife: “Okay, so I take ninja lessons.”

Me: “No, wait…what is that metal star thingy?”

The Wife: “Chinese throwing star?”

Me: “Okay, well then ninjas are Chinese. Japan definitely had the samurais though.”

The Wife (said while making slashing motions through the air): “Okay, so I take samurai lessons.”


rachelmwilliams said...

This just made me laugh so hard. I can see Julie perfectly. :)

MAV said...

can't you though!