Friday, October 22, 2010

flashback friday

I just found these two videos hidden away with the pictures from our very first weekend in India. For some reason I had never seen them. Watching I was instantly back on the bank across from the Taj Mahal. This isn’t where most tourists go so you see a very real side of India behind their most famous landmark. Jules must have taken the videos. I put both because one is short, but it lets you see the kids more. The boy on the camel was Anan. Hhe and his brother sold rides on Roger (the camel) for around a dollar.

Filth and garbage lay everywhere, but the kids are happy, playing and rolling around in it. It’s sad and it’s beautiful and in such is a perfect little sliver of India where the horrific and wonderful never leave each other’s side…

**For once my technical issues were not due to user error. Seems Google has ended their video platform so we’ll be YouTube-ing it from now on. sigh.**

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