Monday, March 28, 2011

1 1/2 out of 3

Our weekend in Sydney was good, although not exactly what we planned considering it was plagued by gloomy weather. 

We had a tough time making it out to the rugby stadium on Friday evening and ended up only seeing the second half.  My team lost to Russell Crowe’s stupid bunnies…DSC03803

Seriously?  I thought rugby was a pretty tough sport, but hey, they did beat the eels and I can’t say much for their mascot either…



I enjoyed the game, not as much as American football, but it was much more enjoyable than soccer for me.


We had planned a beach day for Saturday, but it was raining on and off so we decided to catch the ferry over to the zoo.  Although we did get up close and personal, we didn’t actually get to pet the koalas…


When the one on the right decided to slide down on top of the one on the left and the one of the left proceeded to bite the living heck out of the one on the right’s butt I was actually happy we weren’t allowed to touch them.  Apparently, koalas get very cranky when they’re trying to sleep and they sleep like 20 hours a day. You do the math.

They were ridiculously cute though…


I did get to see the duckbill platypus, but no photos to show for it.  They’re extremely shy little creatures and although he/she did quite a show for us swimming the exact same route over and over and over, the lighting was horrible and it was doing said route at a pretty high speed. I’m obviously not that talented of a photographer.  It was much smaller than I expected, like as long as a loaf of bread and very cute.

Taronga Zoo is pretty big and it took us 4 hours to make our way through it. I felt like most of their habitats were way too small for the animals though and it made me a little depressed.  It was definitely a world away from the wildlife habitat we visited in Cairns.

Sadly, my oyster feast was not to be this weekend.  Storms kept rolling through on Sunday and we decided not to take the ferry out to the beaches or go to the fish market. 

We don’t get many lazy Sundays together these days,  so it was nice just hanging out together not doing much.  I mean who wouldn’t want to hang out with my Wife?  She’s pretty freaking awesome…



Pics from the zoo…

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