Monday, March 28, 2011

ask complain and you shall receive

Well, how's about that? The schedule actually came out yesterday!

We're bound for our first repeat destination...

South Africa!

I found out last night that Malaysia was being handled by regional people leaving SA as our second choice for the round. We always leave a country saying what we would do if we came back, so we've already got quite a few weekends in mind. I hope they all work out!

I'm also thrilled that another spouse will be there with me again! Although I'm always happy to have company, it means that much more in Joberg because there is little to do in the city that is safe.

If you're new to the blog you can read about our last time there in 2009 here and here or you could just look at my wrap up of our time there here.

Main goal for our return- finally see the dang leopard!!

Ooh and buy this really cool wooden bowl serving thing that I didn't have room for in my luggage last time.

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