Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a quick note of thanks

I was perusing our blog stats the other day and noticed some traffic coming from another blogger’s site.  Being the nosy person that I am, I went and discovered a very nice mention of our two blogs that inspired someone else to start their own.  I couldn’t find any way to comment or contact so if you’re reading…

Thanks, Eating in Neverland.  You, in turn, have  inspired me to be better about updating our food blog because I truly believe you can learn so much about a people and dig so much deeper into their culture by what they eat. 


cynthia said...

Hey! That's me and I am reading! :) :) :) Thanks! I obviously need to work on my design (i.e Contact me!) but I'm glad your getting traffic! I love your blog and your lives. Keep up the adventures! I hope I have more to write about soon, but they will be (sadly for me) only local.

MAV said...

Everywhere is local for someone! What's common to you can be something new and exciting to someone else so keep writing!

Thanks for reading and for the inspiration credit. I promise to be better about our food blog. I've gotten lazy about taking pics at dinner but am inspired again to share our dining experiences!