Thursday, March 24, 2011


We’ve decided to stay put this weekend and enjoy Sydney. Our jet lag is finally starting to wane so we can finally stay up until a decent hour. We’re still waking up at 5am or so, but I’m hope that is about to end soon.

Tonight we’re headed to our first rugby game. I kept calling it a “match” but was informed by a nice Aussie guy that they don’t speak the Queen’s English around here and they call them “games’.

We’re seeing the Rabbitohs vs. the Eels. I’m pulling for the Eels and shockingly enough (pun totally intended) it isn’t because of their team colors. I have this thing about Russell Crowe, specifically, that I can’t stand him. The aforementioned nice Aussie guy told me that he’s a big owner of the Rabbitohs.

So, easy enough…GO EELS!


We’re planning to go to the zoo, the fish market and maybe to one of the nearby beaches if the weather is nice. I’ve got the Weather Channel app on my phone, but it always seems to be wrong about the weather here. It said it would only be 72 and cloudy (20 degrees for my international readers) today and it’s 81 (25 Celsius) and gorgeous. It said it would be in the low 70’s (20’s)all next week so I thought their fall weather was upon us, but all I see are shorts and flip flops all around me. Who knows. Hopefully the weather will hold out and we can get to a beach at some point.

We had planned to stay the last weekend of the audit as well, but now we’re toying with trying to go somewhere. As usual, we’ve run out of weekends for all there is that we want to do. Tough burden to have, isn’t it? Guess we need to cram in as much as we can this weekend.

My main goals for the weekend are to pet one of these…


see one of these…


and eat lots of these…


Happy weekend to everyone!!

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