Monday, March 28, 2011

a watched pot and all…

I’m always anxious to know where we’ll be heading next.  I can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t want to know where they’re about live for the next 2 months, but for some reason I’m overly anxious to find out this time.  Word is out that the schedule is done and on its way, which means it won’t come out for another week or 3 weeks or who knows when.


Will it be Kenya?  Are we headed back to South Africa?  Are we finally going to pay our dues in the north of Brazil?  Could I really be getting to go to Malaysia-truly-Asia?*  Are we being sent back to Atlanta?  Okay, I don’t really think that’s an option this round, but they’ve “surprised” us before.


Just. Tell. Me.


*Long story, but that will forever be its full name to me. If you watch CNN International you know what I’m talking about.  I bet you can even sing it.

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