Thursday, March 17, 2011


Like everyone, I've been keeping up with the tragedy in Japan and praying constantly for our friends that live there, the family of our Japanese friend and every single person affected.

The magnitude of the loss, fear and uncertainty that the Japanese people are experiencing breaks my heart in a hundred pieces.

This morning in the Sydney Morning Herald I read a blog from a woman living in Sendai. She was talking about how the community has banded together to help one another and how strangers were helping strangers survive. In closing she said:

"And somehow as I experience the events happening now in Japan, I can feel my heart opening very wide. My brother asked me if I felt so small because of all that is happening. I don't. Rather, I feel as part of something happening that much larger than myself..."

I cried openly at the hotel lounge when I read this article. I cried, not because of the hardship she and her neighbors were facing, but instead I wept tears of joy in knowing we humans are capable of so much love and kindness. I couldn't help but cry tears of happiness because God is answering all our prayers for the people of Japan- His hand in on each of them, bringing forth their best selves to care for one another.

You can the entire blog here on Ode Magazine.

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