Monday, March 14, 2011


I just had to go on and on about how well we were doing with our jet lag, didn't I?

I guess I was right about the exhaustion letting me sleep so long the first night because we were both awake at 1am and then again at 5am. After about 30 or so minutes we decided not to fight it and just get up and go to the gym. Of course this could have been due to the fact that Jules was conked out at 7:45pm and I pulled out the toothpicks that were holding up my eyelids at 8:30pm.

We're going to try walking around tonight, maybe grabbing dinner outside of the hotel or something to try to stay awake longer. It's pointless really, but you never give up trying to rid yourself of the lag. You think you can somehow trick your body into getting on track, but the theory that you need 1 day for every hour difference always holds true for us. We'll spend the next two weeks wrestling with it and then like flipping a switch we'll be staying up until midnight and fighting over who's turn it is to get in the shower first in the morning.

It's almost noon here and I've been researching weekends all morning. I'm now dying for a nap. Dying.

Will I listen to my body and lie down? No, I'm going to do the stupid thing and go out and walk around. Even though I've just written it down and know it's an unfair fight- I still think I can overcome the lag!!

7pm bedtime, here I come.

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