Friday, January 16, 2009


yesterday i went to the red cross to donate platelets. i will be rejected as a blood donor for a year when we return. depending on how long we're gone and what countries we visit i could possibly be rejected indefinitely.

i used to donate platelets each year on my birthday. but, as life got more hectic my donating definitely waned. i have to say i felt pretty guilty yesterday when i was quickly reminded how incredibly easy it is to give such an incredibly important thing back to my fellow man.

sadly only 5% of americans donate but every 3 seconds someone is in need of blood. a single donation of platelets can provide as many platelets as 5 whole blood donations. bone marrow transplant, cancer and leukemia patients whose immune systems are already compromised, benefit particularly from single donor platelet transfusions.

so many of our friends have offered up their help while we are away. i hope we don't have to call too many of these in, but, i think it would be really cool if some of you guys would donate while i'm away to make up for my lost donations.

it takes a couple of hours to donate platelets (you could donate whole blood in less than 20 minutes) but it isn't painful and you get to watch a movie. they actually have a decent little library. best of all you get all the grape juice and nutter butters you want afterward. i also think they were giving away tickets to the aquarium as well.

so be a friend not only to me but to some people whose lives truly depend on it.

learn more about it and go donate!

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