Friday, January 16, 2009

hotel life-week 1

with only being at the four seasons a week, i'm not quite sure it has sunk in that this is going to be my way of life for 2 years. at this point it still kind of seems like vacation.

i will say that filling out an inventory sheet to get the laundry done today was weird. sitting there counting and recounting socks and underwear is not something i expected to do but i guess i just didn't think about it. nor did i expect it to cost so much! need to wash a pair of undies? that will be $3 per pair!! i'm not one for math but a week's worth of clean drawers for both of us is going to cost $42, which is insane to me.

don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining, just observing. we're not paying for it or any of the other amenities that come along with hotel life. it is incredibly nice to come back to a spotless room each afternoon and find freddie the "be green" frog greeting you each evening on your turned down bed.

so far the life agrees with me which is why i'm extremely fearful that we are on our way to becoming very, very spoiled.

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