Thursday, January 29, 2009

2nd Round!

Schedule came out officially today and we are headed to GREECE in March!!

We couldn't be more thrilled to be going back! It was almost three years ago that we went on our honeymoon to the islands. We'll actually only miss our anniversary by a couple of weeks.

We loved Greece so much and are looking forward to getting to see so much more of it in the 8 weeks that we are there.

We hope some of you take advantage of us being there and COME VISIT!!!


Yellowdog (Beth) said...

Nice. Will you send me some hummus? Also, when is Jules going to make her blogging debut? The frog legs one is sooo last year.

PS. My word verification was "fartler." Hahahaha

ablackwelder said...

Shut up! Are you serious? How lucky can you get!
That's so cool.....
P.S. My word verification was 'stizest'. I'm jealous, because Beth's was better.

Jamie said...

Hey gals,

I'm loving the blog! And I'm not jealous at all...not one bit...nope.

Have fun and be safe!!


Danielle (Lot 17) said...

We are watching the flights to see if we can come. Lets keep our fingers crossed :-) We miss you guys. The pictures have been incredible.