Sunday, January 11, 2009

moving out, not necessarily up

we move into the 4 seasons today. i can almost hear the moans and groans, yeah, i know...what a tough life!

we want to thank all of our friends who put us up and put up with us over the past month.

hp, rach & heids, and our atlanta home base, pablo. seriously, thank you for letting us invade your space, dirty up your towels, blanket your guestrooms with clothes and suitcases, or in hp's case take over your actual bedroom, pollute your air with gert's constant burglar alarms but most importantly for your love and hospitality. we're so grateful to have not just as friends but as family.

also, a big thanks to all those friends who offered up their homes/beds/couches/futons/air mattresses to us should we have needed them. it truly humbled us to realize how many wonderful and generous people we have in our life here in atlanta.

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