Friday, January 2, 2009

new year

well, another year has passed and i have to say i'm glad to see 2008 in my rear view mirror. my 30th year was a difficult one with the delay in our departure, the issues with my foot and the stress of getting everything ready to leave for 2 years.

we began our new year with some wonderful friends, a delicious meal and a lot of champagne. a great start to what i know is going to be an amazing year.

of course i'm still dealing with some foot issues. i not only broke my big toe but the break goes all the way down to the joint. meaning my bone could have shifted and may need to get a pin put init so i don't develop arthritis. although "arthritis of the big toe" doesn't sound that serious, it is apparently really painful and can make walking very difficult.

after 9+ months of limping around in pain i know how important it is that i am proactive in the health of my, if my ct results show a bone shift on monday i guess i'll have to have the surgery. my orthopedic surgeon said he'd have me ready to leave by the 24th. he's one of the best in the nation so i'm worried, but not in in a total panic.

either way i refuse to let this minor setback get me down. this is going to be a year full of unimaginable possibilities and i can't wait to explore every single one of them.

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