Tuesday, January 6, 2009

toe gate

went back to the doctor yesterday to get my ct results. the ortho said that although i did have some impacting of the bone, at this point he didn't think we needed to do surgery! such good news considering we are leaving in less than 3 weeks. he can't guarantee i won't have issues in the future but if it can just hold out for a couple of years i'll be happy.

so i'm using the bone stimulator and hopefully will be out of the boot (oh yeah, it's back) just in time for our flight to india.

we're starting to get really excited about the trip again now that we know we are definitely going (keep your fingers crossed that india/pakistan relations hold up) and that my toe should be healed. even though my ortho told me yesterday it would be stiff and achy for up to a year...seriously?

has anyone else experienced pain from a broken toe for a year??? seems a bit extreme to me, but, if last year taught me anything it is that seemingly minor injuries can really impact your life.

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