Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hospitality & Politics

I really couldn’t be happier with our hotel. Last night they threw a private reception for the team and spouses to introduce us to the heads of all the staff. They served drinks as well as delicious little bites from the chef.

It was really nice being able to converse with locals and we all had a great time picking their brains for weekend ideas, shopping tips and Indian culture in general.

They were all so incredibly nice and when one told us of how incredibly important it is for Indians to have their guests feel welcome and comfortable I thought how similar it is to my Southern culture.

Then this same woman began to ask us about President Obama (God that feels awesome to type!!) and went on to tell us how happy India is to have him in office and how much they respect him. All of the women in our little group were chatting about the Obama cute the girls are, how loving Barrack and Michelle seems as parents. But, more so how they believe our new President will be such a great leader not only for the U.S. and for India but, for the world.

When it comes to politics I am quite the minority in not only my state of Georgia but the South as a region.

How nice it is to be so far away from home, to be in a land so different than my own and find myself no longer in the minority.


ablackwelder said...

This all sounds so exotic and exciting....and I'm sure anything weird that happens will still be cool in a way.....I can't even assured that everyone reading your blog is totally fascinated and intrigued! :-)
Keep 'em coming.....
We miss you guys!!!

MAV said...

oh, i'll keep them coming alright! y'all aren't even going to miss me while we're away and when we come back you won't even want to hear from me again you'll be so sick of my dang stories!!